Splatter Tutorial (credit to www.thepolishaholic.com)

To start things off, I just want to say that this tutorial came from a woman (I would assume) who is really good at everything that has to do with nail polish. She reviews things and shows exclusive things before anybody else does. She’s the best nail polish blogger if ya ask me.

So anyways, today’s post is a splatter tutorial. Lots of people of YouTube have tried to do splatter tutorials and it has worked, but they’re all so hard. This one is simple, easy, and fun!

The stuff you’ll need;

-Straws (4, preferably)
-Some nail polishes
-A white nail polish (Base)
-A paper plate

Step 1: Apply a base coat.

Double Duty Base & Top Coat

Double Duty Base & Top Coat (2)

Step 2: Paint your nails a solid white.

White On - Sally Hansen Hard as Nails X-Treme WearWhite On - SHHANXW

Step 3: Choose your polishes that you want to splatter with. (Choose around 4 colors.)
Step 4: Get however many straws you’ll need, one for each color.
Step 5: Start dipping the brushes into the polishes and letting it go inside the straw. Repeat until you think it’s finished. Set up the paper plate.
Step 6: Apply tape around your nail.
Step 7: Blow out the nail polish from the other side of the straw.
Step 8: Voila! Do the same on all of your other nails.



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