NOTD: 2010 Strawberry + Review! :]



How can you not love this? HOW CAN YOU NOT? Ughhh, pure gorgeousness.♥

Before the Glam:

See? It's just a boring, deep fuchsia creme.

 See more pictures on my NOTD for Avon’s Strawberry only right here.
 Price: SO worth it! Dupe for Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure’s Hidden Treasure (which is so hard to find.) You can use this polish over ANY polish, even your boring-est polish and it will make it sooooo gorgeous.
Color: Rainbow. Flakies. AHHH ♥
Coats: 2 for flaky goodness. It starts off as glitter but then subtly turns into flakies! 😀
Chipping: I’ll get back to you. Just got this today and couldn’t wait to use it!!!! 🙂
Design/Outer Appearance: The color is approachable. As for the Nubar logo and such, it’s very chic.
Easy to Find?: If you’re an online shopper.(:
Wear it Again?: YES.
Recommend it?: YES.
Bonus Q: What to put it under?: Pastels, darks, cremes, not really glitters, shimmers, nudes, O M G nude would be awesome!!!!!

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