NOTD: HAN X – Deep Blue Sea

I know. You hate me. I’ve been gone for so long! 😦 (SKIP TO THE 2ND PARAGRAPH TO SKIP MY EXCUSES)

I’ve been busy (I know you just stopped reading) but I have, with my sports and school, it’s a lot to handle. ALSO, my nails have been in ugly shape so I barely wore any polish in the past two months. I’m sorry but I’m back!

So anyways, today I have for you a Sally Hansen Hard as Nails X-Treme Wear Nail Color polish for you. Gosh, that’s always a mouthful. That’s why I made a cute nickname for it!!  HAN X. You actually pronounce the HAN though, it’s not like H A N. I think it sounds legit and it’s way shorter than the mess above. I love HAN X nail polishes so I’ll be talking about them a lot so just so you know… That’s what HAN X means.

So I think this polish was l/e which sucks because I love it. I bought it for my friend and now I cannot find it ANYWHERE. It must’ve been part of a collection. Anyways, I went over to her house and we did nails. Immediately when I got home I took pictures 😀

Beware. This is 2 coats and I still have VNL:


This color is an icy blue, foily, glass fleck polish. It is similar to China Glaze’s Blue Island Iced Tea, which I’ve been wanting to have! Will do a comparison soon 🙂


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