Fashion Polish, again, one of my favorite nail polish blogs, is doing two more giveaways. Please enter. I know you want to. Who wouldn’t? Spread the word!!

Photos from Fashion Polish (to show the prizes):


See reviews on top last 3 polishes here.
P2 Pearl Crackling Top Coats in :
030 Red Volcano
010 Violet Fusion
and 020 Blue Thunder
Essence Nail Art Special Effect Toppers in :
06 You’re a Gold Mine
03 Hello Holo
02 Circus Confetti
01 It’s Purplicious
Essence Nail Art Magnetics in :
05 Pixie Dust
02 Hex Hex
04 Mystic Wish
For rules and how to enter this giveaway, click here!
Next giveaway: frankens.
If you don’t know what a franken is, it’s basically a nail polish you make yourself.
I swear to God, Fashion Polish does frankens the best; hands down.
From left to right :
Venom, review here
Night-Fall, review here
Exclusive franken, turquoise to purple duochrome
From left to right :
Enigma, review here
Moonstone, review here
From left to right :
Exclusive franken, coarse spectraflair topcoat
Shimera, review here
Exclusive franken, dark bue to red and gold multichrome glitter
For rules and how to enter this giveaway, click here!

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