Random Swatches of Nail Polishes

How was your guyses Thanksgivings? Mine was spent mostly watching Parental Control on MTV’s website 🙂 hehehe 🙂

I hate turkey so I pretty much hate Thanksgiving. But I’m thankful for things!!

My parents, brother, friends, dog, food, and life & health 😀

Enjoy the many swatches above!

Funky Fingers, Baby Baby Baby – the blue-tinted holographic glitter, 3 coats for full opacity. Meant to be used alone, but could be a great layering top coat if you used one thin coat.
Funky Fingers, Cayman Islands – a gorgeous mango color, with slight, slight blue duochrome that’s not super noticeable but very pretty when spotted!
Funky Fingers, Curacao – the most gorgeous blue ever, what can I say?
Sephora by OPI, It’s Bouquet with Me – magenta, silver, and holo microglitter, really thin consistency, took about 5 coats, more like 4, but 5 to even everything out.
HAN X, Pinky Ring – an obvious nail polish meant to be layered. Tiny, square-shaped pieces of magenta glitter lie around in a clear base. A little thick, but no problem. I tried to see if I could make it opaque. I pretty much gave up after about 5 coats.
NYC, Skin Tight Denim – A BRILLIANT DRUGSTORE ONE COATER! Gorgeous navy blue shimmer, even though it says creme. Silly NYC.
If you’re looking for another drugstore one-coater, Pure Ice’s Crimson is a GREAT one. It’s a stunning red that you can spy in a few of the pictures. It slide on the nail like butter and was a dream! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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