Layering: Black Cheshire Hottie :D

So I first started off with two coats of Funky Finger’s Cheshire which dries matte, btw. Then I added a top coat, because I wanted to add crackle.

Then I went with China Glaze’s Black Mesh on top. I thought it was too boring and added glitter!!! 😀 And another top coat. So in total: 6 coats! I was just in the mood to paint my nails(: The glitter is circular, my least favorite shaped glitter. But I felt like no other glitter went with purple. Plus I don’t have purple glitter. ANYWAYS, PHOTOS.

  After a few photos, the pictures turn into a handy gallery. Click for a bigger view! ♥

Excuse my pinky nail :(



























See the rainbow?

































































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