Hi, I’m Ashley, a nail polish fanatic 🙂

I guess here’s where I tell you about myself. I have a dog, brother, mom and dad. I love junk food–from pizza to caramelized popcorn, I’m there.

I am ALWAYS eating. It’s not even funny. My orthodontist said to take out my retainer only when I eat and brush my teeth cause otherwise, my teeth’ll shift back. Well, I’m always eating so then what?

I love making people laugh. It’s something I just can’t go a day without doing. I have such easy access to buying nail polish that it’s unhealthy.

I am ___ years old.(:

I play volleyball and soccer. They are my two favorite sports. I also adore dancing. I got a 10,558 on That’s Not My Name by: the Ting Tings on Just Dance 2 last night.(:

I also love to write, hence, this blog. I am currently writing a story.

My favorite blogs are Scrangie, All Lacquered Up, The Polish Aholic, Vampy Varnish, and Fashion Polish. I should probably make a blogroll, eh?

No, I’m not Canadian. Lol.

Feel free to talk to me! I love people! 🙂

I also love pop music.♥ What’s your favorite genre of music?

Well, I think that’s all! See you soon. 🙂 ♥ (:


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