Layering: Black Cheshire Hottie :D

So I first started off with two coats of Funky Finger’s Cheshire which dries matte, btw. Then I added a top coat, because I wanted to add crackle.

Then I went with China Glaze’s Black Mesh on top. I thought it was too boring and added glitter!!! 😀 And another top coat. So in total: 6 coats! I was just in the mood to paint my nails(: The glitter is circular, my least favorite shaped glitter. But I felt like no other glitter went with purple. Plus I don’t have purple glitter. ANYWAYS, PHOTOS.

  After a few photos, the pictures turn into a handy gallery. Click for a bigger view! ♥

Excuse my pinky nail :(



























See the rainbow?

































































Random Swatches of Nail Polishes

How was your guyses Thanksgivings? Mine was spent mostly watching Parental Control on MTV’s website 🙂 hehehe 🙂

I hate turkey so I pretty much hate Thanksgiving. But I’m thankful for things!!

My parents, brother, friends, dog, food, and life & health 😀

Enjoy the many swatches above!

Funky Fingers, Baby Baby Baby – the blue-tinted holographic glitter, 3 coats for full opacity. Meant to be used alone, but could be a great layering top coat if you used one thin coat.
Funky Fingers, Cayman Islands – a gorgeous mango color, with slight, slight blue duochrome that’s not super noticeable but very pretty when spotted!
Funky Fingers, Curacao – the most gorgeous blue ever, what can I say?
Sephora by OPI, It’s Bouquet with Me – magenta, silver, and holo microglitter, really thin consistency, took about 5 coats, more like 4, but 5 to even everything out.
HAN X, Pinky Ring – an obvious nail polish meant to be layered. Tiny, square-shaped pieces of magenta glitter lie around in a clear base. A little thick, but no problem. I tried to see if I could make it opaque. I pretty much gave up after about 5 coats.
NYC, Skin Tight Denim – A BRILLIANT DRUGSTORE ONE COATER! Gorgeous navy blue shimmer, even though it says creme. Silly NYC.
If you’re looking for another drugstore one-coater, Pure Ice’s Crimson is a GREAT one. It’s a stunning red that you can spy in a few of the pictures. It slide on the nail like butter and was a dream! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Fashion Polish, again, one of my favorite nail polish blogs, is doing two more giveaways. Please enter. I know you want to. Who wouldn’t? Spread the word!!

Photos from Fashion Polish (to show the prizes):


See reviews on top last 3 polishes here.

NNP: Bling in the New Year, Orly Collection!

Orly nail polishes are normally around $6-8 and on Transdesign, they are $3.99! Woohoo!? Anyone? No? Okay.. 😦

Orly re-promoted their infamous nail polish, Rage. This is just like their Foil FX collection, except Luxe and Shine were replaced with two new shades that look like top coats with glitter… hmmm..

They are available to buy once again at Transdesign!

ORLY  BLING IN THE NEW YEAR  Collection   Size: 0.6oz. (18 ml)     $3.99 Each

Bling In The New Year 9/Display

Contains: (3 of each 3 shade)
9– Nail Lacquers 0.6oz. (18ml)
1 – chipboard counter display
1 – header card

  450582 9/Display $35.91


Prisma Gloss Gold


Prisma Gloss Silver


NNP: Pointless Essie Collection… + Color Club Gay Pride Collection?


Essie I’m a Color-holic Collection

My name is Essie, and I’m a color-holic when I’ve got a case of beach bum blu, I grab a mochachino at the dive bar to keep myself from going jamaica me crazy and back to feeling miami nice. It’s all part of my master plan to color the nails of every trophy wife, devil’s advocate and oui madame.

Click on the bottle to view a larger image.

Devil’s Advocate


Price: $8.00

Trophy Wife


Price: $8.00

Dive Bar


Price: $8.00

Beach Bum Blu


Price: $8.00

Miami Nice


Price: $8.00

Jamaica Me Crazy


Price: $8.00

Master Plan


Price: $8.00

Oui Madame


Price: $8.00



Price: $8.00


I actually think all of these are re-promotes. Essie’s website hasn’t launched their Holiday collection or I’m a Color-aholic collection which is weird because I don’t think they would let an e-tailer promote it first. But it’s whatever. Essie’s website still has their Cocktail Bling collection listed under their latest collection. I don’t know if these collections are going to be hyped up or even announced. I actually think Essie will just skip it and wait til mid December and announce their LuxEffects collection.

OH! And some more Color Club news! A new collection is out and can be bought. I think it’s to celebrate gay pride, but I defnitely don’t think Essie would be allowed to name a collection after that.. You know, laws and stuff. Not being a stereotype, but the colors are all part of the rainbow. And pride is in the collection name. I just put two and two together. This collection also includes a 0-60 (minutes or seconds, I don’t know) top coat. These colors are so basic. They come in a set, at least in the picture, it does. A perfect starter for a girl just beginning with nail polish. Or a boy, you know.

The caps are also rainbow! And the majority of the collection is neon. So the top coat would make sense for the matte-ness of the polishes. OKAY! Enough talking. Leggo! 😉

Color Club Pride, Live Your Live In Color Set

(7 bottles set)

Price: $21.00


P Is For Pride



Price: $3.00


Polish For All



Price: $3.00


Dress For The Parade



Price: $3.00


Not Just For Kelly



Price: $3.00


Boys Wear Blue



Price: $3.00


Express Yourself



Price: $3.00


0-60 Speedy Topcoat



Price: $3.00

4 NEW Color Club Fractured Polishes in Fall Metallic Shades

Wooo! More crackles.

Sarcasm -________________________________-

I’m sick of these crackles, fractures, crackles, shatters, krackles, overcoats, textures, ETCCCCCCC.

And then the colors just get ridiculous. Hot pink crackle? When am I ever going to use that? It started off great with the black, white, and gray. Now they’re literally taking nail polish colors and then changing them into crackle. Colors like burgundy, which do not go good with a lot of colors!

Although, they are new and I wanna do a segment called New Nail Polishes (NNP) so watch out if you see that in a title.

Now onto the new shades:


Do You Want a Piece?


Price: $3.50

Burgandy Burst


Price: $3.50



Price: $3.50

The Great Divide


Price: $3.50


The Great Divide




Burgundy Burst


Do You Want a Piece?




Eeeeeee! I am hopping around like a little girl 🙂 ♥

I spot a looooot of dupes for Color Club’s Foiled Collection!! 🙂 The champagne white-gold color looks like one of their previous shades (Funky Fingers’ Down to Earth). I am excited that they threw in that purple too. Buying all of these and swatching them for you SOON! ASAP! RIGHT AWAY! & obviously, there’s a chunky silver glitter top coat. 🙂

These all look like foil finishes, too. Are you pumped!? I’m pumped.