NNP: Pointless Essie Collection… + Color Club Gay Pride Collection?


Essie I’m a Color-holic Collection

My name is Essie, and I’m a color-holic when I’ve got a case of beach bum blu, I grab a mochachino at the dive bar to keep myself from going jamaica me crazy and back to feeling miami nice. It’s all part of my master plan to color the nails of every trophy wife, devil’s advocate and oui madame.

Click on the bottle to view a larger image.

Devil’s Advocate


Price: $8.00

Trophy Wife


Price: $8.00

Dive Bar


Price: $8.00

Beach Bum Blu


Price: $8.00

Miami Nice


Price: $8.00

Jamaica Me Crazy


Price: $8.00

Master Plan


Price: $8.00

Oui Madame


Price: $8.00



Price: $8.00


I actually think all of these are re-promotes. Essie’s website hasn’t launched their Holiday collection or I’m a Color-aholic collection which is weird because I don’t think they would let an e-tailer promote it first. But it’s whatever. Essie’s website still has their Cocktail Bling collection listed under their latest collection. I don’t know if these collections are going to be hyped up or even announced. I actually think Essie will just skip it and wait til mid December and announce their LuxEffects collection.

OH! And some more Color Club news! A new collection is out and can be bought. I think it’s to celebrate gay pride, but I defnitely don’t think Essie would be allowed to name a collection after that.. You know, laws and stuff. Not being a stereotype, but the colors are all part of the rainbow. And pride is in the collection name. I just put two and two together. This collection also includes a 0-60 (minutes or seconds, I don’t know) top coat. These colors are so basic. They come in a set, at least in the picture, it does. A perfect starter for a girl just beginning with nail polish. Or a boy, you know.

The caps are also rainbow! And the majority of the collection is neon. So the top coat would make sense for the matte-ness of the polishes. OKAY! Enough talking. Leggo! 😉

Color Club Pride, Live Your Live In Color Set

(7 bottles set)

Price: $21.00


P Is For Pride



Price: $3.00


Polish For All



Price: $3.00


Dress For The Parade



Price: $3.00


Not Just For Kelly



Price: $3.00


Boys Wear Blue



Price: $3.00


Express Yourself



Price: $3.00


0-60 Speedy Topcoat



Price: $3.00


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