4 NEW Color Club Fractured Polishes in Fall Metallic Shades

Wooo! More crackles.

Sarcasm -________________________________-

I’m sick of these crackles, fractures, crackles, shatters, krackles, overcoats, textures, ETCCCCCCC.

And then the colors just get ridiculous. Hot pink crackle? When am I ever going to use that? It started off great with the black, white, and gray. Now they’re literally taking nail polish colors and then changing them into crackle. Colors like burgundy, which do not go good with a lot of colors!

Although, they are new and I wanna do a segment called New Nail Polishes (NNP) so watch out if you see that in a title.

Now onto the new shades:


Do You Want a Piece?


Price: $3.50

Burgandy Burst


Price: $3.50



Price: $3.50

The Great Divide


Price: $3.50


The Great Divide




Burgundy Burst


Do You Want a Piece?



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